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Drawn to alternative wellness, Michelle’s journey to Transformational Women’s work has traversed conventional medicine, mystic ritual and ancient wisdom.

Michelle founded aromaLife wellbeing to bring the life-affirming potential of aromatherapy to others and weaves them creatively into all of her creative endeavours.

aromaLife is now the home to sister companies aromaZen and aromaWild

She created aromaZen Healing Journey as an answer to the overwhelming amounts of stress and disconnection she was feeling and seeing in herself the community and worldwide.

aromaZen Facilitator Training program was initiated to support emerging new wellness leaders and educators with a creative and unique healing modality to share with their own families, clients and communities.

More recently aromaWild women’s Retreats emerged to provide a carefully curated program to heal and restore the Feminine Life Force.

Retreat with Michelle will take you to some of the most stunningly beautiful locations, introducing you to profound innovative healing modalities, Sacred Feminine Temple work and rich cultural experiences. You will expand your awareness, connect with other like-minded soul sisters and restore your internal glow and joy.

Michelle is a creative entrepreneur,  change maker with a big vision and a rebellious streak.

She challenges conventions and is driven to live her soul purpose and help other's to live theirs.

As an intuitive empath and a mother to a 11-year-old highly sensitive boy, She has found her path to guiding other sensitives to empower themselves by discovering their own gifts and connection to the soul.

"I am deeply passionate about the success of others and helping them achieve their goals and dreams, as much as I am about achieving my own.

We can't succeed in life and our careers in isolation and competitiveness, it is in the connection, support, nurturing and mentoring that I can connect with my gifts, and help others to connect with their own"


Michelle’s Vision
"My purpose in this world is to awaken the individual and collective feminine consciousness. To call in truth and strength and to guide us into alignment and connection with our divine spirit. From this grounded alignment we can heal and evolve beyond the wounds and limitations of our ancestral lines. Through this awakening, we restore a healthy balance of masculine and feminine qualities to our world. When we heal ourselves as women, this naturally and automatically open paths for our men to heal and connect with their healthy masculine. From here we create high vibrational, healthy and loving relationships, families and communities that treat our world and mother earth with love and kindness."


To find out more about trainings and workshops go to the aromaZen Facebook group

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email: [email protected]

Michelle's Qualifications and accreditations...

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Training with Sanj Hall - 2018

  • Hatha Yoga Teacher - 200-hour cert 4 Australia Yoga Academy - 2005

  • Cert 4 Relaxation Massage  201 East West College 2011

  • Reiki 1 & 2 - With Anthony Salerno 2001

  • Aroma Touch Technician Practioner Training - Dr Hill doTERRA  2010, 2011. 

  • Raindrops Technique Practioner Training - Young Living Essential Oils  - 2009

  • Heart Radiant Women Facilitator - Tantric women's embodiment practices for women's circles. - 2014 Jenni Mears Heart Radiant Women

  • Tantric Breathwork / Bodywork practitioner Training - 2014 Jenni Mears Heart Radiant Women

  • JIGSAW  Teacher Training - Learning co-operative strategies to create collaborative teaching and learning. 2011

  • Starfire - Embodied Menstrual Education -   2010 Living Gently - Catherine Cunningham

  • Harnessing the Female Force and Practioner Training - 2011 Living Gently -  Catherine Cunningham

  • Non-violent communication  - NVC Australia 2010

  • Life Coaching Academy - Diploma of Life Coaching 1998

Other studies...

  • Psychic Development  - Visions from Beyond - Present & Ongoing

  • Flavours of Tantra - Couples Tantra Practices - Jenni Mears - 2016

  • Tantra for Women's Health and Vitality  - Jenni Mears - 2015

  • Self Realisation Intensive x 2  - Ananta Kranti - The Sanctuary Thailand - 2004

  • Deepening Self Realisation Intensive x 2  - Ananta Kranti - The Sanctuary Thailand  - 2005

  • Breathe Mechanics - The Sanctuary Thailand 2004

  • Vipassana Meditation 10 day silent Retreat  -Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage 2004

  • Landmark Forum and Advanced Course - Conscious  Communication Courses

  • Hoffman Process 2000

  • Hoffman Retreat   2001


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