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Become a Certified aromaZen Facilitator if you are ready to:

Lead the way in raising the value of kindness, sensitivity, compassion and empathy in the world

Our mission at aromaZen is to awaken the soul and raise the value of these essential feminine qualities in our society, to restore balance and healing to humanity and our world.

Be part of a growing movement and inspired community of Wellness Warriors

People all over Australia, New Zealand and beyond are falling in love with aromaZen. The experience they have lights them up and calls their soul so deeply, they have to share it with others. 

Facilitate restorative healing through a guided inner journey using vibrational medicine

Many are saying that Vibrational Healing will be the medicine of the future. Now is your time.  Remember who you are and join us in creating conscious  healing events that awaken, uplift and connect our communities.


"A profound experience from start to finish. I felt a deep sense of release and relief by the end. I felt deeply connected to the earth and during the practice, had complete inner focus and inner work. Thank you Michelle for this beautiful session"

Mary VG

Are you drawn to Vibrational Medicine, doTERRA essential oils, sound healing and practices that are deeply restorative?


  • Can you think of people you know, people you love that are in need of help to ease anxiety, calm nervous tension in the mind, body and soul?

  • Would you love to inrroduce something unique to your community? To share a beautiful, enjoyable mindfulness practice that is simple and suitable for people at all stages.

  • Do you feel the absence of real time connection these days? Are you motivated to bring people together in groups knowing that you could help them feel happier, more gounded and balanced.

Do you hear your soul whisper, urging you to follow your dreams?

Are you sick of showing up for work that is draining your energy and stifling your creativity?


  • Would you like to add a new unique and creative healing modality to your wellness business, yoga schedule, essential oil biz, your studio or healing space?

  • Being an entrepreneur can get lonely.  Does being part of a larger like minded group of supportive professionals and therapist appeal to you?  

  • Are you looking for a system, a pre- tested, proved and successful business model that could support your growth and provide a platform to expand as teacher, facilitator or guide?

Are you a compassionate senstive soul ready to guide others out of their heads and into their hearts?

Do you know its time to step up - to own your own truth and support others?

Would it inspire you to guide a process role modeling a pathway to build confidence, speak honestly and develop a stronger sense of self?


  • Do you resonate with being highly sensitive, an empath or someone who is a carer , teacher or nurturer of others?

  • Have you always been deeply intuitive, connected to energy and curious about the healing arts?

  • You feel things, you have deep knowings or are especially connected to plants, animals or the spirt world.

  • Plant Medicines, Vibrational healing, Nature, astrology, energy work and sound lights you up and feels like home.


aromaZen is a carefully designed three-part healing journey of self-discovery

As an aromaZen Facilitator, you will experience the deep fulfilment of being of service and guiding others on this journey to reconnect with who they really are.

Part 1Guided Meditation through the Chakra’s from Base to Crown.

Chakras play a very important role in regulating emotions, and when out of balance (under-active / over-active), this is when we find ourselves most out-of-flow.

In this first part of aromaZen, you will be taken on a journey through your 7 main chakras. In this, you will focus on establishing a strong connection to reactivate and rebalance the energetic flow of each, as you will find a greater ability to move forward with your intentions from a place of inner harmony and balance.

In this part of the journey, we use doTERRA essential oils for inhalation and optional application. We do this to deepen the practice through activating your kinesthetic, olfactory and energetic senses. We also use active breathwork to cleanse and clear each chakra.

"aromaZen provided a true "lift" from the hectic pace of daily life. As a busy Mother of 3 this self nurturing, relaxing meditation makes for a truly unique, uplifting experience"

Donna Allington

Part 2 Guided aromaZen Nidra - Body Relaxation Meditation

At the beginning of the process, you will be guided to create an intention that you wish to implant during the aromaZen Journey. This is intended to guide your soul towards manifesting something your heart truly desires. Once we transition into the aromaZen Nidra process, you will speak your positive affirmation (your intention) to yourself and plant it into your awareness.

During this process, you will be guided to relax and release each part of your body, and be taken on a journey that will connect to different parts of your brain and stimulate new energetic pathways. At the conclusion of Nidra, while in a deeply relaxed (zen) state, you will be guided to affirm your intention, setting it deep into your body and subconscious.

This practice based on the principals of yoga nidra is proven to be highly effective at reducing stress and anxiety. Many results show great imporvements from the symptoms of PTSD.

It can feel like you have received 4- 6 hours of deep sleep which is deeply needed for many to restore and replensih the nervous system.

Michelle Mullins (Founder and Creator of aromaZen) is a 2019 Scholarship Winner to Women's Business School Accelerate Program and finalist in 2019 Ausmumpreneur Awards


3: Sound Bath

From your relaxed aromaZen Nidra state, there is nothing to do but be still and receive. We will flow into a beautiful harmonic soundscape of layered notes, tones and vibrations. You'll be taken on a sonic journey from gentle percussive calls of the wild and shamanic medicine drum rhythms, to the distinctive calming  tones of the sublime singing bowls and high vibrational chimes. Allow yourself to drift away as you deepen your experience, and float home in bliss.

Ancient cultures have been using vibrational medicine for thousands of years and modern science is driving a new era, sharing it now as its neededin n the collective. The universal language of sound can transform us (and our environment) on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. Sound vibrations can shift and clear blocked emotions, depression and physcial ailments. It  unravels body aches and pains and restores equilibrium.  Sound is a soothing restorative modality, known to relcallibrate the nervous system,  uplift your spirits and soothe your soul. 

aromaZen is an approved healing modality with the IICT

Your Certification Training Package Includes The Following

See below for a full outline of what is included in your aromaZen Certification

3 Day Intake Weekend

Facilitators Portal

Comprehensive Manual

Custom 90min Track

Certificate, Logo & Branding

Post Training Webinars

Private Facebook Group

What's Included

In our value packed intake weekend, we will be diving deep into the following

  • Understanding Chakra System and their Psychology

  • The healing qualities of doTERRA therapeutic essential oils and how we use them to balance and activate the chakras

  • The aromaZen guided meditation process including the other practices of dynamic breath-work, self enquiry techniques and tantric embodiment practices.

  • aromaZen Nidra - Yoga Nidra Explained and explored to ease stress and soothe the nervous system.

  • The power of manifestation and the missing elements that sabotage us from fulfilling our desires.

  • The power of sound frequency for healing, rhythm, pace and tonality

    What is the role of a facilitator?

    • Learn to hold space and facilitate deep healing

    • Learn how to create healthy boundaries in the client, student relationship

    • Learn Effective and Healthy Communication skills

    • Understand Therapeutic Holding - Handling more challenging emotional situations

    • Creating safety and the Healing environment in your aromaZen Space

    • Self care practices, protection, cleansing personal practices

    • Effective Opening and Closing of a Healing Space.

    • Higher connection and Intention setting

  • How to play Tibetan bowls, the medicine drum, chimes and percussion in a sound bath

  • Using your voice and embodiment during spoken meditation for healing

  • Effective communication and holding space for others

Access to the aromaZen Members Portal is also included in your enrolment fee.
In the portal, you will get access to the aromaZen Facilitators Certification Manual and all the tools you need to complete certification process (this includes the custom made 1.5 hour aromaZen Foundations Track and guide, and aromaZen Foundations scripts). 

Upon successful completion of your certification, you will also gain immediate access to the ‘aromaZen Certified Facilitators - Starter Kit’, containing a large and growing library of marketing materials, logos, reference sheets and more to help you market your aromaZen Restorative Healing Journeys.

A hard copy of the aromaZen facilitator Manual will be provided at our training  weekend and you can also download from the aromaZen portal.

This includes:

aromaZen Facilitor Intro and  Guidelines

Chakra Journey Scripts

aromaZen Nidra Script 

The Power of Intention : Manifestation

Worksheets for Training - Role of Facilitator

Self Care Practices

Energetic Protection : Practices and Disciplines

aromaZen Sound Healing

Chakra Ladder for Sound

Choosing a room that works for Sound

Tibetan SInging Bowls History and Benefits and contra- indications

aromaZen Foundations Music Track - Timing Guidelines

Recommend reading and resources

This manual is copywrited and the training and scripts are to be used for aromazen purposes only.

Our beautiful chakra aligned 90 minute backing track has been custom made by musician and soundscape specialist Lyndon Apthorpe. 

To support your learning this track has also been embedded with time markers usng gentle bells, to guide you through the process and help keep time.

In our experience and that of earlier students, creating playlists and finding appropriate music can be a challenge. There is also the issue of copyright laws and fines for using other peoples music for your own business or in public. 

Using our track is recommended but not essential


Our private aromaZen Facilitator Facebook group has proven to be one of the most important and succesful gifts of this community.

Our growing family of facilitators gather and share experiences, resources and ideas openly with each other.

We are an intimate group of like minded souls and we share trust, care and much needed support when things get tough and we celebrate each other wins together.

Michelle and Lyndon both share live updates, power cirlces and bring other specialist in to share industry relevant support and guidance.


Once you complete your certifcation process and call with Michelle you will be sent your offical certificate online.

The aromaZen Starter Kit will now also be unlocked for you which gives you access to a growing library of aromaZen branded logos, branded social media posts artwork, facebook event banner images, sample copy emails for client communication as well as many other resouces.

There is an aromaZen colour palette which is a branding guide for any of your own artwork you create. It is ok to do your own if you are experienced and intrested in doing so.

The aromaZen Logo can be used anywhere that you are advertising your aromaZen. It can only be used for an aromaZen session and is not to be used as the name of your business.

Many of our current facilitators use:

aromaZen with Terri 

aromaZen with Alex

aromaZen with Tracy

Facebook groups and business pages:

You are not allowed to call your group or business page aromaZen as this is what we use.  However you can use other combinations like:

aromaZen Shepparton

aromaZen with ""

aromaZen and oils with ??? 

Or others use their current business names and advertise that they now offer aromaZen

Please talk to Michelle about these guidelines or ideas if you are unsure.

Please note: Nobody owns a territory, suburb or town. Just like you will find more than one yoga teacher, massage therapist in your area we can also have more than one aromaZen.

We all have our own unique energy and attract the people who need us to our sesions. Many people train in aromaZen and take it to their own niche group, that is very different from others.We love this and help all of our faciliators to find their niche clients, including outsourcing to corporate wellbeing, learning centres, healthcare centres and more..

There is way more potential to grow your aromaZen besides just creating your own groups. Many business's are currently looking for unique programs to offer their staff during work hours to help manage stress and staff wellness. The opportunites are growing in this industry as more and more people are open, ready and in serious need of restorative healing. Now is your time - Don't miss out!




After your 3 days training completes your are automatically joined to our Private Facilitator Group on facebook. This is a high value,  intimate group of very connected entrepneurs and a wonderful support for everyone moving forward.

Lyndon and Michelle offer a 2 hour hour Business training Webinar on Zoom. We cover many aspects relevant to our trainees in depending on the groups highest needs.

This includes:
Brand understanding and responsibilty
Marketing and Ticketing events
Booking platforms
Collaboration Tips

Finding your Niche 

Michelle shares topical facebook live vidoes on our private group answering  questions from faciliators, or sharing insight and guidance that is relevant to the group including ideas and questions to explore the needs of our next stages for aromaZen.


She also creates Online Power Circles to bring us together in live ZOOM meetings to check in, share and discuss aromaZen and answer questions.


Hear what some of our wonderful Certified Facilitators have to say about the aromaZen certification experience


About Michelle - Founder of aromaZen 

Drawn to alternative wellness, Michelle’s journey to Transformational Women’s work has traversed conventional medicine, mystic ritual and ancient wisdom.

Michelle founded aromaZen wellbeing to bring the life affirming potential of aromatherapy and vibrational healing to others and weaves them creatively into all of her creative endeavours.

She created aromaZen Healing Journey as an answer to the overwhelming amounts of stress and disconnection she was feeling and seeing in herself the community and worldwide.

aromaZen Facilitator Training program was initiated to support emerging new wellness leaders and educators with a creative and unique healing modality to share with their own families, clients and communities.

Michelle has recently moved to Country Victoria and is excited to announce the opening of SOUL BARN a unique and eclectic Creative Wellbeing Centre. This is the new home of aromaZen as well as a workshops space, private therapy rooms and sacred shop in stunning Clunes.



Frequently Asked Questions

You click on the apply now buttons on this page which will lead you to a form to add your details. You will be required to book a phone appointment with Michelle to discuss finer details and make sure we're a good fit


After completing your 3 day facilitator training we encourage you to practice right away and set up your first aromaZen within 4 weeks of training.

This is recommended right away as we know that if people leave it too long, the process of beginning becomes harder.

Your first aromaZen is a session created for friends/ family to practice, embody your learnings and set up your recording for certifcation.


There is a simple certifcation process which is mandatory if you want to share aromaZen as a business and use our aromaZen logo and branding.

This requires you to run an aromaZen for friends or family and make a sound recording ( on your phone or device )

This recording is uploaded to our aromaZen Facilitator Portal for Michelle to review.

We then set up a private 30 - 40 minute phone mentoring session with Michelle to help iron our any issues, give supportive guidance and answer your questions.

You will then be granted access to the aromaZen Marketing Resources file in our portal where you can download your logos, colour palettes, social media posts and styled event imagery.


As many as you want. 

We suggest beginning small, depending on your previous experience and excisting clientelle.

Many prefer to begin with 6 - 10 and grow from there and some are ready to begin witn 20 or more.

Like all new things, once you feel confident and have done a few you will naturally be ready for more!

Yes if your friend is also qualified as an aromaZen facilitator.  Many enjoy the support of others in this way and encourage everyone to collaborate for larger events. We will show you how this is done well with 2 leaders co- facilitating.

You are allowed to use a support person who is not qualitfied to hand out the doTERRA essential oils and support you with setting up and packing down your event. When you have larger numbers of 12 or more, a support person is usually needed.

No, it’s very important that you don’t alter, add your own or other modalities to the curriculum. We have a methodology that works well and that is proprietary. In choosing to become an aromaZen facilitator you are in agreement to this and will be required to sign our aromaZen Licence agreement.

This protects the aromaZen brand and  Intellectual Property. We trust you understand that this protects our whole aromaZen family and is a standard professional business practice.

As many of us are creatives and enjoy many other complimentary healing modalites like yoga, dance, chi gong and others,  it can be tempting to want change our program to add your own ideas into our sequence. This is not allowed and breahes the aromaZen facilitator agreements.

aromaZen is a growing private enterprise that is evolving and expanding into many new arenas and by attending our 3 day training you are purchasing rights to this 90minute modality only.

We do offer flexibility by encouging all of our facilitators to include their own personalities and flair, but keeping within the guidelines and structure of the aromaZen healing journey.

We also encourage students to share thoughts and ideas to help navigate our growth and future pathways in ways  support the entire aromaZen Family as a whole group.

If you know you can't follow these guidelines, please don't apply. We won't be a great match.

No, aromaZen is a trademarked modality that is designed as a 3 part process to be delivered in the sequence it was intended and in its original form. aromaZen is the full 1.5 hour journey.


No. Many who join us do have other certificates or specialities in the healing arts or wellness industry but its not essential. A passion and love of Vibrational Medicine is all you need.

It is preferred that you attend an aromaZen class prior if possible. We believe your own experience of the class will be the best barometer to know if this training is right for you. 

However, many are unable to join us due to location with most travelling from all over the Country to join us.

If you cannot attend, we recommned you purchase our aromaZen " at home" recording for your own experience for the discounted price of $47

3 x Tibetan Bowls

Crystal bowl - Optional 

1 x Medicine Drum

Choice of chimes, percussion and other sound instruments

doTERRA essential oils - 7 chakra oils

As many of our students live in remote areas and have trouble finding good bowls, drums and tools,we take special care in soucing and providing sound healing intruments for sale at training. 

It is not required that you make any purchases but we have found that our students want this and love the products that we have available.

We will also give your other resources and details about where you can find sound instruments at a later date if you're not ready to buy.

As we have a full day of sound training, students usually chose a bowl / drum or it chooses them!!!  We suggest playing them first to feel which one resonates with you.




We understand that people are running these classes in a variety of different locations withing Australia and Internationally. Markets vary in different places so we let you decide but we train you to see aromaZen as a business and show you how to make it profitable and worthwhile for your efforts and energy over the longterm.  There are price guidelines with an option that will suit your needs. You will receive guidance in our training.

As you will be holding public events it is suggested that you invest in public liablitlity insurance for your professional safety.

Some venues such as government or council buidings require you present it when hiring their venues as do other larger event venues.

To make this easy for you we have found a partnership with IICT  ( International Institute for Complimentary Therapies ) a professional governing body for Therapists and Facilitators in our industry.

IICT Annual Membership is around $179 which provides you with many other services and access to discounted insurance

Your insurance when purchased via IICT wiill cost between $110 - $140 per year.

aromaZen has recently become an approved modality with IICT which means your insurance poilicy will specifically cover you for aromaZen. You will be required to present your aromaZen certificate when applying for your Insurance.

You can also add any other healing modalities that you have obtained a certificate for.



Cancellation Policy

$200 Non - Refundable Deposit

* Cancellations made greater than 90 days from the start of the intake weekend will receive a full refund (less deposit) 
* Cancellations made between 60 and 90 days from the start of the intake weekend will receive a 50% refund (less deposit)
* Cancellations made less than 60 days from the start of the intake weekend will not be refunded.

I understand that I will receive an email from Michelle Mullins containing an aromaZen Licence Agreement shortly after submitting this application and that payment of the $200 non-refundable deposit is an acknowledgement that I have read and I am aware of the Agreement.

Please note. The Licence Agreement must be signed and returned prior to commencing aromaZen Facilitator Training.

The signed aromaZen License Agreement is a requirement to ensure the Intellectual Property and Trademark of aromaZen is protected.

Payment Plan Details
* Monthly payments are available upon request in 2,3,4 & 5 month plans (depending on the number of months remaining between application and commencement of intake)
* Payment plan price is $1500 with the amount divided evenly across the number of months (i.e. $1500 / 5 months = $300 per payment)
* The first instalment includes the non-refundable $200 deposit
* First instalment is processed immediately
* Remaining instalments will automatically be dedicated from the registered card on the same date of each month
* All instalments must be completed prior to the training commencement
* It is your responsibility to ensure that the nominated card has sufficient funds to process the next months payment to avoid any dishonour fees from your financial institution
* We currently do not provide reminder emails prior to payments.
* You will receive a notification email if payment fails
* We process all payment using Stripe
* You cannot change payment plans once your first payment has been made.
* In the event of cancellation midway through your payment plan, we will manually cancel, calculate and refund any amounts owed based on the number of days from the commencement of the intake weekend (as per the cancellation policy above).

Pricing Options

We offer the flexibility of both a one time payment and payment plan option so you can secure your spot and join us at our next intake weekend. Ask our payment plans.




Save $250 when you pay in full


5 month payment plan - $350 per month (Total $1,750)


Dates & Location

3 Day Training Weekend

Friday 3rd September - 10am to 6pm
Saturday 4th September  - 10am to 6pm
Sunday 5th September - 10am - 5pm


Soul Barn - Creative Wellbeing Centre
69 Fraser street , Clunes, Victoria, 3370

Clunes is less than 2 hours from Melbourne, talk to us about arranging accomodation in this stunning country location.

The aromaZen Family


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