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Free virtual community event


Wednesday 8th April - 7pm - 9pm AEST - Cancelled.

If you have registered for this event, check your inbox (or spam folder) as we have sent out a link to register for our replay of our last aromaZen Unity.

You can also register for the replay by clicking the link below.

aromaZen Unity Replay

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Much love

Michelle and Lyndon x 


Some beautiful words from our last aromaZen Unity

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Lauralee T

Thank you so much! I needed it. And it was such a beautiful experience to share with my daughter. I could feel you and your big heart and connected in with you so easily. Seriously incredibly grateful

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Nicole S

Thank you Michelle & Lyndon Last night’s event was amazing.  Thank you so much for sharing your gifts & guidance. I woke up this morning feeling like a huge weight had been lifted & I didn’t even know I felt so burdened until I didn’t! 

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Karen S

It was wonderful thank you... nodded off a couple of times... didn't even realise I was about to. Thank you for some peace and relaxation in a stressful time


In a time of 'social distancing', now is more important than ever to connect.

At aromaZen, we are passionate about bringing community together. That is why in this time of 'social distancing', we are doing what we can to continue to bring people together (virtually) to support, care and provide emotional and energetic guidance through this confusing transition. We know how easy it is to panic and stress and we know how much smoother life will be if  you continue to slow down your nervous system and connect to your higher self. aromaZen will help raise your Vibrations, soothe your soul and keep you calm and grounded. This is essential for a healthy immune system and a resilient mind, body and soul.

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Immersive audio - Like you're right there in the room

At aromaZen, we always strive to provide great audio to ensure you get the most out of your aromaZen journey as possible. That is why we are bringing immersive 3D binaural audio to aromaZen Unity. With our binaural microphone, you will experience 3D spatial sound (through headphones) that will feel like you're right there in the room.

It's aromaZen - just virtual

Now more than ever, it’s time for us to share what we were born to share, and guide others into their hearts to ease and soothe through life's challenging transitions. From this we believe there will be new beginnings, big lessons and innovative new ideas that will help us to evolve, but here we are now, facing uncertainty. What we do know is that now is the most important time to come together in unity.

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What you'll need

To take full advantage of this wonderful virtual experience, we recommend (although not essential):

  • Headphones
  • doTERRA oils  (Ideally, Balance, Bergamot, Citrus Bliss, Geranium, Lavender, Clary Sage and Frankincense)
  • A comfy bed or mat, cushion and blanket
  • Some candles and mood lighting (YES GO ON!!!! Make it awesome for yourself) 
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