aromaZen Healing Journey

Chakra Balance I Yoga Nidra I Sound Bath

aromaZen is a healing journey that combines restorative practices and doTERRA essential oils for chakra balancing, emotional empowerment and energetic activation.

A gentle inward journey to unravel old hurts, clear emotional blockages, align with your higher self and restore your vital life force energy

September 2021 Facilitator Certification - Apply Now

Connect With
Your Truth

Have you lost touch with your instincts?
Get grounded and find yourself again

Find Your
Unique Voice

Tired of repeating same patterns? 
Learn to express yourself and make better choices

Build Strength
and Confidence

Do you doubt yourself? Take back your power and remember who you are!

Learn To
Love Yourself

Have a protective wall around your heart?
Ease back to a soft, full and open heart

aromaZen Healing Journey & Sound Bath

This is not your everyday meditation. aromaZen is a powerful 90minute 3-part combination of specially selected practices, aimed at stimulating energy flow, nervous system repair, releasing old emotional patterns. You are guided within to connect to your higher self and see your truth. This process will help you manifest the life you truly desire.

Chakra Alignment

Yoga Nidra

Sound Bath

"A profound experience from start to finish. I felt a deep sense of release and relief by the end. I felt deeply connected to the earth and during the practice, had complete inner focus and inner work. Thank you Michelle for this beautiful session"

Mary VG

Join the aromaZen Family

aromaZen is expanding with new faciltiators sharing events all over Australia and New Zealand. Get in touch if you're ready to step into leadership to guide others into calm, balance and self empowerment. Now is the time, your gifts are needed.

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"I had such a grounding experience! I highly recommend Michelle Mullins, aromaZen. Using essential oils assigned to our chakras then finishing with a Yoga Nidra... wowsa. My sensory experience was blown apart, recalibrated and realigned to a natural space within. Thank you Michelle! You are the Connected goddess I didn’t know I needed... ❤️"

Emily Paulo
Collective Potential

aromaZen Advanced 

8 Day Retreat in Ubud, Bali

This 8 day immersion is a combination of self enquiry and professional development to uplevel your ability as a space holder and intuitive guide. 

You will deepen your ability in aromaZen as well as develop new skills in ceremonial creation, sound healing,  transformational techniques and  embodiement practices. Check out the link below to learn more 

Advanced Facilitator Training In Bali

"aromaZen provided a true "lift" from the hectic pace of daily life. As a busy Mother of 3 this self nurturing, relaxing meditation makes for a truly unique, uplifting experience"

Donna Allington

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